Multi Purpose Fans 12V

Most of these fans do not have mounting screws included, part numbers for our screws are ACC1000 for single or ACC1000-04 for package of 4.
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type of power connector>>>
4 pin
(Disk Power)
2 pin
3 pin
(RPM signal)
Width & Height are the
same, fans are square
Fan Thickness
(10mm or .39" thick)XXXACC104231 XXX
(10mm or .39" thick)XXXXXXACC104341
(20mm or .79" thick)ACC104145 XXXACC104345
(10mm or .39" thick)ACC104151 XXXACC104351
(15mm or .59" thick)XXXXXXACC104353
(10mm or .39" thick)ACC104161 XXXACC104361
(15mm or .59" thick)ACC104163 XXXXXX
(20mm or .79" thick)ACC104165 XXXXXX
(25mm or .98" thick)ACC104167 XXXACC104367
(15mm or .59" thick)XXXXXXACC104373
(25mm or .98" thick)XXXXXXACC104377

(25mm or .98" thick)




(25mm or .98" thick)


(25mm or .98" thick)

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Featured item under Multi Purpose Fans 12V
Cooling Fan 12v 2-pin Motherboard Connector 80x80x25mm
The 80mm fan is the most popular size for PC power supplies, this fan could be used as a replacement in a PC power supply.
For a list of all our fan sizes, Click Here.
  • 3000 RPM Speed
  • 37 Cubic Feet/Minute
  • 30 dBA Noise
Physical Dimensions
This fan does not include mounting hardware. Mounting screws are ACC1000 sold as each, 4 required. Finger guard would be ACC100080.

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