Ethernet Category 3 Cables

ADD To CARTMore Info
L6001 Ethernet Crossover Adapter (not Cat 5)More Info
L6003 2 Port Passive 10 or 100 Base TX Hub (Crossover Coupler)More Info
L6003P 10/100 Base TX Crossover Coupler with Power over EthernetMore Info
L6003PWH 10/100 Base TX Crossover Coupler with Power over Ethernet WhiteMore Info
L6004 RJ45 Pair Splitter to use the 2nd Pair to Run Another WorkstationMore Info
L6006N Ethernet™ 10 or 100-Meg Crossover Adapter with IEC's address and phone number printed on itMore Info
L6543 RJ45 4Pr Cat 3 Solid Wire Patch Cord 7'More Info
LM60438RJ45 4Pr Cat 3 Patch Cord with Strain Relief Boot GRAYClick Here to see all lengths available
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