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From PC Parallel Port


Parallel Printer or peripheral with CN36
L(M)2256 PC to Printer IEEE 1284 compliant
ADP3230 PC to Printer extender (not IEEE 1284 compliant)
L1259 PC to Printer ribbon for portable units (not IEEE 1284 compliant)
Parallel Printer with Mini Centronics
L(M)2251 PC to Mini Centronics Connector IEEE 1284 compliant
Switchbox, Buffer or Booster with DB25
L(M)2259 DB25 to DB25 Cable IEEE 1284 compliant
Extension for Port
L(M)2258 DB25 Extension IEEE 1284 compliant
Another PC for Filesharing
L(M)1279 Fileshare or Lap Link Cable
Serial Printer
PC <<- L1254 ->> ADP3000
Converter configured to go Parallel to Serial <<- L(M)2131 ->> Serial Printer
NOTE:If your serial printer had a different type of connector, the cable going from the converter to the printer is the only part that will change. Click Here to see other cables that work with the ADP3000.
Boosters and Extenders (not IEEE1284 Compatible).
ADP2131 In line booster
ADP3230 DB25M to Centronics Extender
ADP3231 DB25M to DB25M Extender for Switch Box.
Port adapters
L1251, L1251-01 Adapts the PC port for cables that have a Centronic on the PC end.
L1254 DB25M to CN36F