Power Connectors (Internal and External) & Hardware

ADD To CARTMore Info
CIGMAutomotive accessory power plug for cigarette lighter socketMore Info
LC05F 5 Position Locking Clip ConnectorMore Info
LCN50 PC L Bracket with 1 CN50 CutoutMore Info
LCPINF Amp Locking Clip Female PinMore Info
MD04M-PWR Mini Din 4 Pin Male Connector with 1 Amp rated contactsMore Info
ML04F Mate-N-Lock 4 Position Female ConnectorMore Info
ML04FC 4 Position Crimp on Drive Power ConnectorMore Info
ML04M Mate-N-Lock 4 Position Male ConnectorMore Info
MLPINF Mate-N-Lock Female PinMore Info
MLPINM Mate-N-Lock Male PinMore Info
PC06F P8-P9 6 Position PC Power ConnectorMore Info
PC12M P8-P9 12 Position PC Power ConnectorMore Info
PCB-CN50T Terminator Board for CN50More Info
PCD04F 3.5in Disk Drive 4 Position Power ConnectorMore Info
PCDPINF 3.5in Disk Drive Power Female PinMore Info
PCPINF P8-P9 PC Power Connector Female PinMore Info
PCWF12 Header Male 1 x 12 for PC Internal Power ConnectorMore Info
PCX20F ATX 20 Position Female Power Connector HousingMore Info
PCX20M ATX 20 Position M Power Connector HousingMore Info
PCXPINF ATX Power Connector Female PinMore Info
PCXPINM ATX Power Connector M PinMore Info
PWR13 Coaxial Power Plug 1.3mm by 3.5mmMore Info
PWR21 Coaxial Power Plug 2.1mm by 5.5mmMore Info
PWR21F Coaxial Power Jack 2.1mm by 5.5mmMore Info
PWR25 Coaxial Power Plug 2.5mm by 5.5mmMore Info
PWR25F Coaxial Power Jack 2.5mm by 5.5mmMore Info
PWR30 Coaxial Power Plug 3.5mm by 6.0mmMore Info
SPLICE Crimp splice for two or three wires 22 to 26 AWG.More Info
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