Other Electronic Parts

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ACC103021 Cooling Fan 5v Open Wire 25x25x10mmMore Info
ACC103041 Cooling Fan 5v Open Wire 40x40x10mmMore Info
ACC103063 Cooling Fan 5v Open Wire 60x60x15mmMore Info
ACC104000 Silicone Heat Sink CompoundMore Info
BX223610 Plastic Box 2.27 x 3.63 x 1.0More Info
CAP.0022MF Capacitor .0022 MicroFaradMore Info
FB1Ferrite .562 OD x .25 ID x 1.125 LongMore Info
FB2Ferrite .735 OD x .40 ID x 1.125 LongMore Info
FB3Ferrite 1.122 OD x .542 ID x 1.125 LongMore Info
FUSE-1 Fuse - 1 AMP 3AG 250VMore Info
FUSE-HOLDER Fuse Holder - 3AG 10A Panel MountMore Info
IC74LS14 IC Chip Hex Inverter BufferMore Info
IC74LS161 IC Chip - CounterMore Info
PCB-CN50T Terminator Board for CN50More Info
RA05SPDT SPDT Mini Relay with 5VDC coilMore Info
RA12SPDT SPDT Mini Relay with 12VDC coilMore Info
SWMPR Push Button Switch with Red capMore Info
TI810PLATE TI810 Parallel Port PlateMore Info
TR2N4401 General Purpose NPN Transistor TO-92 PackageMore Info
TR2N4403 General Purpose PNP Transistor TO-92 PackageMore Info
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