Continuity Testers and Fiber Optic Testers

ADD To CARTMore Info
EXC1021 Cable Test Adapter 50 pinMore Info
EXC1029 CableTracker Test Probe SetMore Info
EXC1040 CableTracker DB15 and DB09 AdapterMore Info
EXC7018 Crimp tool for Fiber Optic SCMore Info
EXC7019 Crimp tool for Fiber Optic ST/FC/D4More Info
EXC7055 Analog MultimeterMore Info
EXC7056 Digital MultimeterMore Info
EXC7059 20-24 Pin Power Supply TesterMore Info
EXC8001 DB25 Male to Female Permanent Jumper BoxMore Info
EXC8011 V.24 and RS232 Economy Breakout Box 10 LineMore Info
EXC8012 V.24 and RS232 Economy Breakout Box 24 LineMore Info
EXC8015 RS232 DB25 4 LED Loopback TesterMore Info
EXC8021 RS232 DB25 9 Pin Mini Tracker TesterMore Info
EXC8033 HDMI Continuity tester for installed HDMI CablesMore Info
IDL33-864 Ideal Tone/ Probe Finder SetMore Info
IDL61-035 AC Receptacle Circuit TesterMore Info
IDL62-055 Continuity Tester PouchMore Info
IDL62-080 PathFinder Wiring Tester Unit - The most economical way to test UTP, RJ11, or RJ45 cables.More Info
IDL62-082 PathFinder Tester Remote BMore Info
IDL62-083 PathFinder Tester Remote CMore Info
IDL62-084 PathFinder Tester Remote DMore Info
IDL62-164 Tone Amplifier ProbeMore Info
IDL62-200 LinkMaster UTP and Coax TesterMore Info
IDL62-400 Craft Test set (Test Handset) Model 4 for telecommunication equipment testingMore Info
PAL1531 Patch-Check Plus RJ11 and 45 TesterMore Info
PAL1560 Coax-Check BNC Cable TesterMore Info
PAL1570 PC Cable-Check Cable Tester with all of the Connectors Needed to Test any Cable Used on a PCMore Info
PAL1576 Multi-purpose continuity tester and network identifier for RJ11/RJ45More Info
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