Computer Interface Testers

ADD To CARTMore Info
EXC1021 Cable Test Adapter 50 pinMore Info
EXC1029 CableTracker Test Probe SetMore Info
EXC1040 CableTracker DB15 and DB09 AdapterMore Info
EXC7059 20-24 Pin Power Supply TesterMore Info
EXC8011 V.24 and RS232 Economy Breakout Box 10 LineMore Info
EXC8012 V.24 and RS232 Economy Breakout Box 24 LineMore Info
EXC8015 RS232 DB25 4 LED Loopback TesterMore Info
EXC8021 RS232 DB25 9 Pin Mini Tracker TesterMore Info
EXC8033 HDMI Continuity tester for installed HDMI CablesMore Info
IDL33-864 Ideal Tone/ Probe Finder SetMore Info
IDL62-164 Tone Amplifier ProbeMore Info
IDL62-400 Craft Test set (Test Handset) Model 4 for telecommunication equipment testingMore Info
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